Aadhil Shiraz Photographer

The Photographer

Thank you for visiting! I am Aadhil Shiraz and I live with my lovely wife and daughter in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been a photographer for over 9 years. I started out photographing events and I have brought all my expertise and have applied it to photographing weddings.

I have been fascinated with the photojournalistic approach of photography and I have infused the style into the events and weddings I photograph. The results have been pleasing and unique.

I prefer to blend into the background and photograph unobtrusively. I have also developed my craft without the use of distracting flashes and strobes. This in turn leads to a smoother and more organic wedding where the flow is not interrupted by the proddings and interference of the Photographer. At the end of the process, the lucky couple is rewarded with a box of beautiful prints, an album and digital photographs that perfectly capture the day with memories for decades to come.